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Archive editions of the AAO Observer are available from the AAO Observer archive. Prior to August 2010, the newsletter was simply called the "AAO Newsletter". Members of the community are encouraged to submit articles.
Science Highlights
  • Changes to the AAT operations model for semester 18B
  • UK Schmidt Past, Present and Future
  • The SAMI Galaxy Survey measures the true shape of galaxies
  • A Synopsis of AAT Large Programs, AAT instrument Usage and Publications
  • A Legacy of Large Programs with the AAT
  • AAO Instrumentation Heritage
  • Commissioning the The Huntsman Telephoto Array
  • Starbugs and TAIPAN: 14 years in the making
  • Charge Traps in the RED CCD of AAOmega
  • Chasing Moon Shadows Across the USA
Observatory News
  • From the Desk of the Head of Information
  • Outreach and Science Communication at the AAO
  • Goodbye UCLES
  • AAO Student Fellowship programme: A unique experience for young scientists
  • AAO visitors: The history of collaborative research and science
  • Perspectives on the AAO by former staff
  • 45 years of AAO Software – about more than the AAT and UKST
  • 40 years in the dark – an AAT night assistant’s somewhat biased reflections

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