The committee comprised seven members: three senior Australian astronomers representing the community of users of the AAO; one senior international astronomer; one senior scientist from a related field with significant experience in research leadership, facility management or research administration; one industry or private sector representative with a broad experience in governance, service delivery and management of complex organisations; and one person with relevant management experience at senior executive levels of government or government agencies.

The current membership of the AAOAC is listed below:

Start of term
End of term

Senior Australian Astronomer

Prof Peter Quinn (Chair)


1 January 2013

31 December 2018

Senior Australian Astronomer

Prof Anne Green

Sydney Insitute for Astronomy

26 August 2013

31 December 2019

Senior Australian Astronomer

Prof Tamara Davis

University of Queenslad

1 January 2017

31 January 2019

Senior International Astronomer

Prof Roger Davies

Oxford University

1 March 2011

30 June 2018

Senior scientist in a related field


Prof Merlin Crossley 

University of New South Wales

1 January 2017

31 December 2019

Industry representative

Dr Ben Greene

Electro Optic Systems; 

CRC for Space Environment Mgt

1 March 2016

31 December 2018

Person with senior government experience

Ms Suzanne Jones

Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee

1 March 2016

31 December 2018