AAO Users' Committee (AAOUC)


The AAO Users' Committee came into being on 1 January 2000, combining and extending the functions of the Advisory Committee for Instrumentation on the AAT, ACIAAT, and the policy role of the Schmidt Telescope Panel, STP. The terms of reference are listed below. The committee comprises six external users, normally four from Australia, and two international representatives. Members of the AAOUC will be nominated by the Director. The current membership is:

Member Nationality End of term
Luca Cortese (Chair) Australia June 2018
David Parkinson International February 2018
Emily Wisnioski Australia June 2019
Sabine  Bellstedt Student June 2018
Anne Medling International June 2020
Prajwal Kafle Australia June 2020

Next Meeting

The AAO users' committee meets in person once a year at North Ryde in July, with a teleconference held every January or February. The next meeting of this committee will take place by video or teleconference on 13 February 2018.  However, the Director will consult with the AAOUC throughout the year on matters requiring timely input. To solicit the community's views, the AAOUC Chair will post appropriate material on this WWW page.

 Please send your comments to the AAOUC Chair.

AAOUC Terms of Reference

  • To provide advice to the Director on operational and development issues relating to the facilities provided by the Australian Astronomical Observatory. These include the Anglo-Australian Telescope, the UK Schmidt Telescope, the Gemini and Magellan telescopes, the Giant Magellan Telescope, and all aspects of support provided by the AAO.
  • To make recommendations to the Director seeking to maximise the scientific productivity and to maintain the international competitiveness of the Observatory, taking into account the likely resource availability.
  • To consult widely with the community, liaising where necessary with the Australian Time Assignment Committee (ATAC), to establish priorities for both operational and instrumentation initiatives.
  • To interface with instrument design review panels, commenting on any issues arising from these reviews that impact on the delivery of key user science requirements.
  • To provide an annual written report through the Director for submission to the AAO Advisory Committee.


AAO Users' Committee documentation is available for committee members via this link (password required).