Optical design for the TAIPAN spectrograph (beam diameter is ~86mm)

The TAIPAN instrument consists of a 150-fibre robot positioner operating over the 6 degree field of view of the UK Schmidt Telescope and a dedicated spectrograph. The positioner is based on the Starbug robot technology, which allows for field configurations within a few minutes. The spectrograph is a dual-arm design giving a simultaneous wavelength coverage from 370 to 870 nm at a spectral resolution of R> 2100.

The objectives for TAIPAN are to deliver a capability to Australian astronomers to carry out a comprehensive spectroscopic galaxy and stellar survey of the Southern Hemisphere using a refurbished UK Schmidt Telescope, and to act as a proof-of-concept for the Starbugs positioning technology, proposed for use on the Giant Magellan Telescope. TAIPAN is due for commissioning in early 2016.

Mechanical design for the TAIPAN positioner