Feasibility study design for the MANIFEST field plate assembly

MANIFEST is a fibre positioner designed to feed all the natural seeing spectrographs, presently GCLEF and GMACS, of the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT). The concept features several hundred Starbug robots that patrol the whole ~20’ GMT field. Each Starbug houses an image-slicing fibre bundle. MANIFEST provides enhanced functionality for the GMT spectrograph by increasing the field-of-view, multiplex, and spectral resolution.

After completing the feasibility study for MANIFEST in mid-2011, the AAO completed an R&D phase in late 2013. We are now conducting the MANIFEST Prototyping Design Study which aims to develop a Starbug-based positioning system for the TAIPAN instrument on the UKST.

Feasibility study design for a MANIFEST fore-optics unit