2dfdr Data Reduction Software

2dfdr is an automatic data reduction pipeline dedicated to reducing multi-fibre spectroscopy data, with current implementations for AAOmega (fed by the 2dF, KOALA-IFU, SAMI Multi-IFU or older SPIRAL front-ends), HERMES, 2dF (spectrograph), 6dF, and FMOS.

A graphical user interface is provided to control data reduction and allow inspection of the reduced spectra. It is being continually developed at the AAO in response to user feedback. You can reduce most of your data by simply pressing START AUTO REDUCTION in the Graphical User Interface.


The current publicly released version of 2dfdr is version 7.3. Binaries for both Mac and Unix platforms are avaiable from the DataCentral Cloud. The source code is also available. 

In general, the Mac OS versions will run on newer versions for which there is not an official release, but if you have trouble contact Data Central. 

Other Versions

In addition to the current public release, ongoing development is captured in beta releases, and occasionally it may be appropriate to use an older version for some situations. Your support astronomer or the instrument scientist for your instrument may recommend using one of these, otherwise the current public release is the best option for reducing data.

Getting Started

There are many resources to assist you in using 2dfdr. The best place to start is with the User Manual for the instrument corresponding to the data. All the resources available are listed below roughly in the order they should be consulted:

  1. Users Manual for the instrument corresponding to the data
  2. 2dfdr Quick Start Web Guide
  3. 2dF+AAOmega Data Reduction pages
  4. Instrument Scientist
  5. Old 2dfdr Manual

If you have any questions about 2dfdr, please contact Chris Lidman

Help contribute code

We've made the source code available via the AAOs fusion forge web page and we provide instructions on how to access the code and contribute to its developement. The underlying code managment system is Git.

Over the next few months, we'll establish the most efficient mechanism for testing contributions from the community and incorporating them into the official releases.

2dfdr Mailing List

Subscribe here to receive updates and information about 2dfdr. This is very low volume list, and anyone downloading 2dfdr is warmly encouraged to subscribe.