Software at the AAO

The AAO develops and supports various software packages supporting the users of its facilities, the control of its instrumentation and reduction of data obtained with AAO facilities.  Information on various packages available for download are available from the menus.  For a quick introduction to each package:

  • The 2dFdr package is our prime fibre-instrument data reduction package, used for AAOmega data (in 2dF, SAMI and KOALA modes) and HERMES, and the older Spiral and 6dF instruments.
  • The Configure program is our fibre plate configuration program, used to prepare fibre configuration fields for 2dF (AAOmega and HERMES).
  • The AAOGlimpse package is an interesting image viewer, with 3D viewing facilities.
  • The DRAMA package is the underlying API for most of our instrument software, and is used by various other observatories around the globe.
  • The Figaro package is an older general purpose data reduction package.
  • GalaxyCount is a package to calculate the number and standard deviation of galaxy counts for magnitude limited surveys of a given area in the UBRIKugrz, F450W, F606W and F814W bandpasses