Australia-ESO Joint Conference Overview

Australia-ESO Conference 2019

2019 Elizabeth and Frederick White research Conference on

Linking galaxies from the Epoch of initial star-formation to today

Australia-ESO joint conference 18-22 February 2019

Rydges World Square Center, Sydney, Australia

The programme for the talks is posted. Please check the Program tab.

Over the last two decades, the surveys mapping the Universe have made clear that star-formation activity peaks about 10 billion years ago (known as ‘cosmic noon’). The driver of this behaviour is still an open area of research. A better understanding of star-forming regions and physical processes is required to explain its rise and fall around ‘cosmic noon’. With existing observational resources, we are able to resolve many detailed questions about the physical processes driving galaxy formation and evolution, including:


  • The enrichment of interstellar medium (ISM) with metals and dust and their effects on star-formation
  • Gas infall from and outflow to the intergalactic medium
  • The role of galaxy environment and mergers
  • Triggering mechanisms of starbursts and active galactic nuclei and their feedback to the surrounding medium
  • The role and impact of gas dynamics and stellar kinematics
Cosmological simulations (Illustris, EAGLE, FIRE) indicate that the ISM and its constituents are important to understand galaxy formation but are poorly constrained. The discrepancy between observations and simulations is because the roles and physics of the above-mentioned processes are not well understood.
This conference will focus on:
  • Defining synergies between Australia and other ESO communities to follow up existing and planned optical and radio surveys to maximise impact and establish a better understanding of galaxy formation and evolution.
  • Defining questions for simulators to test and improve their simulations.
  • Encouraging interactions and collaborations between observers, theorist, and simulators internationally.

The five day conference will be at the Rydges World Square Conference Centre at 389 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000.

See the tabs above for a list of childcare facilities, accommodation, and visa requirements. There will some funding support available for students.

For more information, feel free to contact the Conference Local Organising Committee at


Code of Conduct


It is required that all participants at this conference abide by a Code of Conduct. By registering for this workshop you acknowledge that you have read this code of conduct and will respect it. Anyone who wishes to report a violation of this policy is asked to speak confidentially to one of the meeting organisers.


Invited Speakers

  • Magda Arnaboldi
  • Yannick Bahé
  • Peter Behroozi
  • Julia Bryant
  • Sebastiano Cantalupo
  • Diane Cormier
  • Scott Croom
  • Luke Davies
  • Sara Ellison
  • Chris Harrison
  • Rodrigo Herrera-Cumas
  • Glenn Kacprzak
  • Chang-Goo Kim
  • Baerbel Koribalski
  • Claudia Lagos
  • Peter Mitchell
  • Annalisa Pillepich
  • Bianca Poggianti
  • Nicholas Seymour
  • Rhea-Silvia Remus
  • Martin Sparre
  • Lister Staveley-Smith
  • Michele Trenti
  • Joel Vernet

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Tayyaba Zafar (Chair, AAO/MQ)
  • Andrew Hopkins (Co-Chair, AAO/MQ)
  • Carlos de Breuck (ESO)
  • Richard McDermid (MQ)
  • Paola Andreani (ESO)
  • Magda Arnaboldi (ESO)
  • Sarah Brough (UNSW)
  • Lise Christensen (KU)
  • Michelle Cluver (Swinburne)
  • Elisabete L. da Cunha (ANU)
  • Roger Davies (Oxford)
  • Rajeshwari Dutta (ESO)
  • Caroline Foster (USyd)
  • Claudia Lagos (ICRAR)
  • Allison Man (Dunlap)
  • Palle Møller (ESO)
  • Matthew Owers (MQ)
  • Sambit Roychowdhury (IAS, Orsay)
  • Martin Zwaan (ESO)

Conference Organisers

  • Tayyaba Zafar (AAO/MQ)
  • Andrew Hopkins (AAO/MQ)
  • Carlos de Breuck (ESO)
  • Richard McDermid (MQ)
  • Paola Andreani (ESO)
Local Organising Committee
  • Taylah Beard (MQ)
  • Michael Cowley (USQ/MQ)
  • Danica Draskovic (co-Chair, MQ)
  • Gregory Goldstein (MQ)
  • Ángel R. Lopez-Sánchez (AAO)
  • Lachlan Marnoch (MQ)
  • Stuart Ryder (AAL/MQ)
  • Tayyaba Zafar (Chair, AAO/MQ)


  • Australian Academy of Science (AAS)
  • Independent Research Fund Denmark
  • Department of Industry Innovation and Science, Australia
  • European Southern Observatory (ESO)
  • Research Centre for Astronomy, Astrophysics & Astrophotonics, Macquarie University (MQAAAStro)
  • The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR)
  • CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS)
  • Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL)